"And RubyClan is doing fine! Except SapphireClan beat us in a fight! Our medicine cat is healing cats that are hurt from the fight!"
Rainbowstar mentioning Almondfeather at a gathering in Hidden Prophecies, Chapter 4


Current: RubyClan[1]
Medicine Cat: Almondfeather[2]
Living: Hidden Prophecies

Almondfeather is a brown tabby she-cat.[3] She is the medicine cat of RubyClan in Hidden Prophecies.


Hidden PropheciesEdit

Almondfeather does not formally appear in Hidden Prophecies, but is listed in the allegiances.
She is briefly mentioned at a gathering by Rainbowstar when he states that RubyClan lost a battle against SapphireClan and that their medicine cat, Almondfeather, is healing the cats who are injured.

References and CitationsEdit

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