"[Okay okay, I'm gonna tell you how to give birth.]"
— Antisocial to Moonpaw in Wild Prophecies of Death, Chapter 5
Current: DarknessClan[1]
Medicine Cat: Antisocial[2]
Apprentice: Gothpaw[3]
Living: Wild Prophecies of Death (dream)

Antisocial is a cat who hates "everycat else."[4] He/she is the medicine cat of DarknessClan in Wild Prophecies of Death.


Wild Prophecies of DeathEdit

Shortly after Bloodstar rapes Moonpaw, the she-cat screams at him that she is giving birth. In shock, Bloodstar runs off telling her he'll get the medicine cat of his clan. He comes back seconds later and introduces her to Antisocial, who glares at her and tells her that he/she will explain how to give birth. Moonpaw yowls at Antisocial to hurry as the birthing is hurting her more than what Bloodstar did to her. Antisocial screams at her to push multiple times, and she gives birth to eight kits.
Much later, it is revealed that most of the events of the story - including Bloodstar raping Moonpaw - were a dream.


"[This is Antisocial, our medicine cat.]"
—Bloodstar introduces Antisocial to Moonpaw Wild Prophecies of Death, Chapter 5

—Antisocial tells Moonpaw how to give birth Wild Prophecies of Death, Chapter 5

References and CitationsEdit

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