Bumbleflower: "[Do you know what we should do?]"
Gleamstar: "[What is it Bumbleflower?]"
Bumbleflower: "[We should announce it at the gathering!]"
— Bumbleflower to Gleamstar about her wedding in Starkit's Prophecy, Chapter 19

Current: ThunderClan


Warrior: Bumbleflower[2]
Living: Starkit's Prophecy

Bumbleflower is a very pale gray tom with black stripes.[3] He is a warrior of ThunderClan in Starkit's Prophecy.


Starkit's ProphecyEdit

After Gleamstar announces that she is getting married to Hawkfrost, Bumbleflower offers a suggestion. Gleamstar doesn't want to listen to him as he is stupid, but decides to humor him since she is leader. Bumbleflower suggest that they announce the wedding at the gathering, and all the cats of ThunderClan cheer; they then go to the gathering.


  • In Chapter 19 Bumbleflower is first called Bumblepaw and then Bumbleflight.
  • xdark.rosesx mentions also in that chapter that she doesn't understand how Bumbleflower could not be stupid with a name like his.


"[Gleamstar didn't want to listen to him because he was stupid but she was leader so she decided to humor him.]"
—Gleamstar's thoughts on Bumbleflower Starkit's Prophecy, Chapter 19

References and CitationsEdit

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