"[The Dark Forest is taking over their minds. They're using Cloudtail and Mothwing to help them.]"
Fallen Leaves to Gleamstar in Starkit's Prophecy, Chapter 22

Current: SatanClan

Possibly ThunderClan[2]

Past: ThunderClan


Warrior: Cloudtail[4]
Apprentice: Daisypaw


Living: Starkit's Prophecy

Cloudtail is a long-haired white tom.[6] He is a warrior of ThunderClan and one of the antagonists in Starkit's Prophecy.


Starkit's ProphecyEdit

He is first mentioned when Fallen Leaves tells Gleamstar that there are still cats who don't believe in StarClan because their minds are being taking over by the Dark Forest. He explains to her that they are using Cloudtail and Mothwing to help them.
Later when Stargleam visits the SatanClan camp for the first time she sees Cloudtail there.
It is unknown if near the end of the story Cloudtail goes back to his original clan along with the rest of the 'good' SatanClan cats or dies along with their evil leaders.

The Story of PrettysilverflowerEdit

When Sorreltail comes back to life a second time, he complains about it, asking her to make up her mind about her life state.


  • xdark.rosesx hates Cloudtail because he is, according to her, an atheist and a satanist.[7] This explains his role in Starkit's Prophecy.

References and CitationsEdit

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