"[He was so kawaii it was incredible.]"
Beautifulpaw thinking about Cometkit's appearance in Beautiful Sparkle, Chapter 2

Current: ThunderClan[1]
Kit: Cometkit[2]
Mother: Skyrock
Living: Beautiful Sparkle

Cometkit is a tom with a white, sparkly pelt and shadow black eyes. He wears copper earrings and a plum collar.[3] He is a kit of ThunderClan in Beautiful Sparkle.


Beautiful SparkleEdit

Cometkit is seen in the first chapter of Beautiful Sparkle after his mother Skyrock gives birth to him and names him. After a few moments, she says that Cometkit will make a great warrior. When Cometkit asks why Beautifulpaw is crying, Skyrock is shocked and overjoyed at the fact that it appears her newborn kit can talk. Cometkit confirms this, and immediately calms her. After Skyrock comforts Beautifulpaw about her mother and sister's death, Cometkit tells Beautifulpaw that she is kawaii. Confused, she asks if he can she her; Cometkit tells her that he can't.
Cometkit goes out of the nursery with Beautifulpaw and Skyrock in the next chapter; whether this is shortly after his birth or later on is not specified. Beautifulpaw comments that it's sunny, and Cometkit agrees. When she looks at him, she thinks that he is cute and falls in love with him.
Later on, Cometkit is seen joining in with the laughing fest directed at Princesspaw after her fur is dyed red by the whirlpool Beautifulpaw shot at her.
When Cometkit sees Sparklefur after she mates with Redpaw and Greenpaw, he greets her before they mate as well.
He is seen later on with the other male toms when they find out Sparklefur is pregnant. Cometkit tells her that she's perfect in what appears to be an Italian accent.




Skyrock:[4] Living (As of Beautiful Sparkle Chapter 3)

Possible Grandkits:

Unnamed Kits:[5] Status Unknown


Unnamed kits

    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


"[She's perfecto!]"
—Cometkit to Sparklefur about her. Beautiful Sparkle, Chapter 10

Cometkit: "[You're so kawaii desu ka.]"
Beautifulpaw: "[You can see me?]"
Cometkit: "[No, not really...]"
—Cometkit complimenting Beautifulpaw Beautiful Sparkle, Chapter 1

—Cometkit's reply to his mother after he talks. Beautiful Sparkle, Chapter 1

References and CitationsEdit

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