Dreamstep is a cool, awesome, kawaii, cute, rainbow, amazing tom. He is a kit, then deputy of ChibiClan in Dreamkit's Revenge.


Dreamkit's RevengeEdit

Dreamkit is a kit of ChibiClan who is born to a queen with the unusually long name of Sparklyshimmerlovepeltfootstormshinesongheart and her mate, the leader Starawesome. His brother is Badkit and his sister is Angelkit.

Dreamkit is first seen bounding out of the Nursery with his denmate Sweetheartloverdaffodilprettykit. They kiss and fall in love, much like the silly love story of the ShimmerClan warrior Lovekiss and her rogue mate, Flash, in Warmth of the Heart, who met and then kissed.

Coming Soon


Knowing most Gary-Stu cats, such as Sunshinewhisperer, Dreamstep, since he’s deputy, will probably become leader soon.

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