"[fd ngvdjkhxfgekwjfgnej ghj34grx223j’,!]"

— Marriagelove screaming as a Dark Forest cat kills her, Chapter 1 

Marriagelove is a pink she-cat. She is a warrior of ChibiClan, then a cat of StarClan, in Dreamkit's Revenge.


Dreamkit's RevengeEdit

Marriagelove gets killed by a Dark Forest and goes immediately to StarClan. Her mate, Flarepaw, gets very sad and tells Dreamstep he decided he'll go with her. So he gets Snowtuft, another Dark Forest cat, to kill him, which he does. Flarepaw goes to StarClan. Then, after he arrives, 0.00000000005 seconds later Marriagelove gives birth to his kits, after they exchange greetings. (Actually just them saying HAI to each other.)

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