Allegiances, as presented in the first page of MidnightClan's Savior.


Leader: Nightmarestar, pretty, glossy black she-cat

Apprentice, Hiddenpaw

Deputy: Dreamspirit, white she-cat

Medicine Cat: Paintedpelt - tortoiseshell tom

Apprentice, Unitysparkle, whit she-cat with amber eyes

Warriors Sympathyheart, white tom

Moonlightfur, lovely silver she-cat

Starfall, black tom

Apprentice, Risenpaw

Freezingheart, icy-white tom

Windnight, pretty dappled tabby

Sparkleleaf, black she-cat

Rainbowfeather, tortoiseshell she-cat

Apprentices, Aurapaw and Sonnetpaw

Willowglimmer, pale brown she-cat

Sunsettranquility, ginger-and-white tom

Apprentices Hiddenpaw, dark gray tom

Risenpaw, blue-gray she-cat

Aurapaw, white she-cat with ginger patches

Sonnetpaw, dappled golden tom


Butterflyphantom, tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat, mother to Sympathyheart's kits: Metallickit, bright silver tom; Shadowkit, black tom; and Hopekit, tortoiseshell she-kit

Sorrowmourner, pale golden-brown she-cat, mother to Starfall's kits: Crystalkit, blue-gray she-kit; Emeraldkit, white tom with radiant, emerald-green eyes; Fatalitykit, gold tom; and Dramakit, white-and-brown she-kit

Ghostlyblaze, white she-cat


Hummingbirdwhisper - ginger tom with green eyes

Gleamsong, cream-furred she-cat with blue-green eyes


Leader: Flarestar, ginger tom

Deputy: Horrorgaze, red tom

Medicine Cat: Mysticember, golden-brown tabby she-cat

Warriors Shimmerfur, silvery-gray tom

Whispermint, gray tom

Apprentice, Zephyrpaw (brown, fluffy tom)

Dappleglimpse, tortoiseshell she-cat

Winterveil, white she-cat Gazingeyes,

bright ginger she-cat with one blue eye and one yellow eye.

Queens: Dancermagic, white coat and amber eyes, mother to Whispermint's kits: Planetkit and Rainbowkit

Elders Mysticalfragment, rose-cream she-cat

Marbledrelic, dappled tabby tom with green eyes


Leader: Mythicalstar, golden-and-white tom

Deputy: Twistedlegend, small brown tom

Medicine Cat: Bibleword, brown tom

Apprentice, Firewand, dark, flame-colored ginger she-cat

Warriors: Radiancetragedy, glossy black she-cat

Attackheart, aggressive, swift-footed, huge black tom

Marigoldshimmer, tortoiseshell she-cat

Queens: Breezetomb, white she-cat, mother to Twistedlegend's kits: Twilightkit and Homicidekit

Elders: Furnacecoal, warm black tom

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