Mysticalfragment is a rose-cream she-cat. She is an elder of DeathClan in MidnightClan's Savior.


MidnightClan's SaviorEdit

Mysticalfragment is not formally mentioned in MidnightClan's Savior, but she is mentioned in the allegiances.


  • Cricketstep named Mysticalfragment and her denmate Marbledrelic after a cat in an RPG named "Relicfragment". He thought the name was so silly he added it.
  • Mysticalfragment's mate, Flarestar, isn't retired and is in fact the leader of DeathClan. Says Cricketstep: "Mysticalfragment retired early due to failing sight, which her medicine cat, Mysticember, should be able to fix. She'll be out of the elder's den a few chapters from now."

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