"Thank you!"
— Oddpelt thanking Tranquilpaw for saving him in Hidden Prophecies, Chapter 7

Current: SapphireClan[1]
Elder: Oddpelt[2]
Living: Hidden Prophecies

Oddpelt is a calico tom with one eye.[3] He is an elder of SapphireClan in Hidden Prophecies.


Hidden PropheciesEdit

Oddpelt is first mentioned as one of the cats chosen by Vanillastar to go the gathering at the Glitterstones.
When a fire ravages the SapphireClan camp, Oddpelt gets trapped underneath a branch. Tranquilpaw uses her newly found powers to move the branch off the elder. Oddpelt thanks her and runs off.


  • He has the same description as an elder from EmeraldClan, Attackstrike.
  • Being a male calico is an oddity and quite rare; Oddpelt might be sterile because of the genetics involved.[4]

References and CitationsEdit

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