— Rareglimmer releasing the Pikachu from its Pokéball, Chapter 13

Current: ThunderClan


Warrior: Rareglimmer[2]
Living: Beautiful Sparkle

Rareglimmer is a cat with an unknown description and gender.[3] He/she is an warrior of ThunderClan in Beautiful Sparkle.


Beautiful SparkleEdit

When ThunderClan is about to the leave the camp to attack ShadowClan, Rareglimmer tells them to wait. The Clan asks what he/she wants. Rareglimmer yells about Pikachu, before using a Pokéball that releases a Pikachu. Everyone is impressed by it, so he/she throws out five more that release a Skirtles, Vuplix, Snive, Ushowhat, and an Emperon. ThunderClan is impressed by these Pokémon as well.



-Rareglimmer telling ThunderClan to wait.

“Go Skirtles, Vuplix, Snive, Ushowat, and Emerpon!”

-Rareglimmer about to release the Pokémon

References and CitationsEdit

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