"[Sandstorm looked sort of sad. She knew Firestar loved Starpaw, but it was okay; she knew what was best.]"
— The narrator on Sandstorm in Starkit's Prophecy, Chapter 8

Current: ThunderClan[1]
Warrior: Sandstorm[2]
Mate: Firestar (formerly)
Living: Starkit's Prophecy

Sandstorm is a pale ginger she-cat.[3] She is a warrior of ThunderClan in Starkit's Prophecy.


Starkit's ProphecyEdit

Sandstorm is first mentioned when ShadowClan attacks the ThunderClan camp and Starpaw beats and chases off one of the attackers. Firestar tells her the last cat he knew that could fight like her was Sandstorm.
Later, when Starpaw enters the camp after figuring out who she wants to be mates with, Firestar reveals to her that the four clans are in the middle of a war. Sandstorm expands on it, telling her that while she was gone Dustpelt was killed in a battle with RiverClan. It is explained that Sandstorm looks sad as she knows Firestar, who was her mate, loves Starpaw. She doesn't do anything though, because she knows what is "best".
Soon after, when Hollyleaf leads WindClan in an attack on ThunderClan, Firestar runs away, and Sandstorm runs after him.
In the epilogue, Redfur sees Sandstorm helping Firestar and Graystripe rebuild the apprentices' den.




Firestar (formerly):[4] Living (As of Starkit's Prophecy, Epilogue)


"The last cat I knew that could fight like that was Sandstorm."
—Firestar to Starpaw on Sandstorm's fighting skills Starkit's Prophecy, Chapter 3

"Dustpelt died while YOU were away on your walk, RiverClan attacked us."
—Sandstorm to Starpaw Starkit's Prophecy, Chapter 8

References and CitationsEdit

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