Allegiances, as presented in the first page of Sun Water.


Leader: Liliensternus-star--mackerel tabby tom.

Deputy: Starfish--gray tabby tom.

Medicine Cat: Mournfulshroud--blue gray she-cat. (Apprentice, Twistedlove)


Tallfreckle--spotted brown tabby she-cat. (Apprentice, Umbrellapaw)

Glassysnowflake--pure white tom.

Flarebird--ginger she-cat.

Jayfeatherlover--gray tabby she-cat with blind blue eyes.

Arribafestival--tortoiseshell, black, and white tom.

Waterysun--rippled ginger she-cat.

Moontiara--lovely silver tabby. (Apprentice, Shiningpaw)


Twistedlove--fluffy dark red she-cat.

Umbrellapaw--small, fluffy toyger tom.

Shiningpaw--beautiful ginger coat and green eyes.


Drippingmoss--completely cream coat and bright blue eyes, mother to Boringuglykit and Kawaiisparklekit.

Sassybrat--pretty tortoiseshell she-cat, mother to [Shinekit], [Kisskit], and [Murderesskit].

Flightfur--sphynx she-cat.


Willowblue--blue-gray she-cat with pale gray ears and legs.

Delectablecupcake--dappled brown-and-white she-cat.

Spewingvolcano--ginger-and-black tom.

DeathClan Leader: Flyingstar--brown tabby tom with blue eyes.

Deputy: Musicsing--small silver mackerel tabby tom. (Apprentice, Greasypaw)

Medicine Cat: Baldeaglestem--sphynx tom with a few brown bristles down his back.

Warriors: Wishfuldream--beautiful silver tabby she-cat.

Tranquilfoot--small white she-cat.

Willowlily--pale gray she-cat with unusual amber eyes.

Toothripple--silver-and-black tabby tom.

Twilightsayer--black tom with a glossy pelt. (Apprentice, Glorypaw)

Queens: Footwing--brown ticked tabby pelt.

Elders: Risingdrop--blue-gray tom.

ShadowClan Leader: Rainstar--gray-and-white tom.

(Apprentice, Cloudpaw)

Deputy: Mouseleap--dusky-brown tom.

Medicine Cat: Lilypool--snowy-white she-cat. (Apprentice, Berrytail--cream tom.)

Warriors: Dusktalon--brownish-gray tom.

Fuzzywhisker--fuzzy ginger tom. (Apprentice, Specklepaw)

Briarthorn--light brown she-cat.

Fallenpetal--small tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat.

Nightfire--black-and-orange tom. (Apprentice, Cloudpaw)

Primrosepelt--rose-cream she-cat. (Apprentice, Flamepaw)

Queens: Morningdapple--ginger she-cat with a dappled pelt, mother to Nightfire's kits: Sunkit, Driftkit, Brightkit.

Dawnfoot--cream-and-gray she-cat, mother to Mouseleap's kits: Snowkit, Podkit, Willowkit, and Pikekit.

Poppyflower--tortoiseshell she-cat, mother to Fuzzywhisker's kits: Shadekit and Featherkit.

Elders: Oakfoot--brown-and-white tom.

Fallowpelt--pale brown tom.

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