Allegiances, as presented in the first page of Sunshinekit's Destiny.


Firestar - big orange tom.

Brambleclaw - brown tom with green eyes.

Sawcut - med cat.

Hatchfoot - black-and-white tom.

Sugarrock - white she-cat, she is small.

Waterrock - black cat with orange eyes.

Purplegirl - purple girl.

Otterwater - pink with pink eyes.

Duckdragon - ugly yellow tom with dragging feet.

Dragonclaw - big cat with big claws.

Molewhisker - has big whiskers.

APPRENTICES! Wilypaw - small and big!

Blanketpaw - blank

Furpaw - black

Talcpaw - looks like a rock!

QUEENS! Wingshine - has wings and feathers.

Jumpsong - jumps!

Bunnyhop - black with bunny ears

KITS! Sunshinekit - PRETTY golden kit with rainbow eyes that are blue and green and pink and purple! (Mom: Wingshine, dad: Otterwater)

Darkkit - EVIL black kit, likes Sunshinekit (mom: Jumpsong, dad: Brambleclaw)

Sunkit - white (mom: Bunnyhop, dad: Waterrock)

Jellokit - throws up all the time, that's why he's called Jellokit (mom: Bunnyhop, dad: Waterrock)

ELDERS! Snaplick - rude elder, only likes Sunshinekit, ’cause EVERYONE does!

Zitterbit - black brown eyes

Junkheap - yellow


Evilstar - evil

Fishdunk - deputy

Drinktinkle - yellow

WARRIORS! Doctorstuff - rogue

Mangefur - has fur falling out

Gumdropsparkle - boring, ugly tom, needs to go to elders

Deadsquirrel - looks like a dead squirrel

Molehill - broke all legs in molehill!

APPRENTICES! Blackpaw - black

Whitepaw - white

QUEENS! Darkdark - black

KITS! Uglykit - ugly

Frogkit - green


Fishstar - blue cat with green eyes

Fishleap - deputy

Fishdeath - med cat

WARRIORS! Fishbump - blue tom

Fishdrunk - blue girl

Fishfall - blue boy

QUEENS! Fishbreath - blue queen; stinks

KITS! Fishkit - blue kit Fishkit - blue kit Fishkit - blue kit

ELDERS! Fishstink - stinky blue tom

Fishguts - stinky blue tom


Shestar - leader

Ratguts - deputy

Drawcrawl - med cat

WARRIORS! Funkycat - funky

Hotstuff - hot tom

Epicdude - epic tom

Princesstiara - ugly girl

Wimpykid - neat cow

APPRENTICES! Beautifulpaw - ugly she-cat

Coolpaw - cool tom

QUEENS! Rowdyhyper - hyper queen

KITS! Toadkit - ugly kit

Crackkit - weird kit

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