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Sunshinestar is a kawaii twinkly gold tom with rainbow wings and awesome amber, rainbow, green, pink, brown, tabby, tortoiseshell, blond, red, and purple eyes that change color in the moonlight. He is the main character in The Sunshine Prophecies, and the leader of ButterflyClan in Sun Water.
Current: ButterflyClan
Warrior: Sunshinewhisperer
Education Mentor: Memoryfox
Living: The Sunshine Prophecies
Sun Water


The Sunshine PropheciesEdit

Sunshinekit is first mentioned as waking up, thinking immediately about his father Starseeker, who is the deputy, and hoping he's getting his nine lives soon. Shinestar, the current leader, had to die first, but Sunshinekit didn't care. He was excited about being the son of a leader. Then he realizes that Starseeker's leader name will have to be Starstar, so he runs to his father and begs him to change his name to Sunriseseeker so he can be Sunrisestar. Then Memoryfox rushes into camp with news that Shinestar has been killed, and Sunshinekit is very pleased.</p>

In Chapter 2, has become leader. Sunshinekit, Dreadedkit, and Lunarkit become apprentices, and Sunshinekit's mentor is Memoryfox. Sunshinepaw and Memoryfox are horrified when Dreadedpaw is given to Celestialeclipse, who is a girl.

Sunshinepaw is next seen running up to Starlightstar, growling because he gave Sunrisestar an injury in which his guts spilled out of his foot. Then CinnamontwinkleWishingClan's deputy, growls so menacingly at Memoryfox that Sunshinepaw winces. Next, Sunshinepaw runs up to Sunrisestar and hugs him with joy, stating he's happy that Sunrisestar is alive. Wishpaw and Whisperingpaw run up to Sunshinepaw and congratulate him for having such a great dad.

Sunshinepaw is next seen hunting a vole with Lunarpaw. They give it Dreadedpaw to show to Sunrisestar. Dreadedpaw gasps and then Lunarpaw says she likes him because he's her brother, and then Sunshinepaw (randomly) grows wings.

Next, Sunshinepaw is sitting in camp when Pinkshy runs up to him and says she and Leafsoul got a prophecy. Sunshinepaw is amazed. Pinkshy states the prophecy is about Sunshinepaw, and he gasps and realizes how famous he must be.

Then Sunshinepaw is so happy he runs up to Sunrisestar and gives him a hug. Sunrisestar gasps and tells him he has wings, and he gasps, too. Then Sunshinepaw is told by Rainaura how kawaii he is. Then Whisperingpaw runs up to Sunshinepaw and states her love to him, to which Sunshinepaw proposes to her.

Then Sunrisestar makes Sunshinepaw, Whisperingpaw, Wishpaw, Lunarpaw, and Dreadedpaw warriors. Sunshinepaw becomes Sunshinewhisperer.

Suddenly, Whisperinglove is pregnant to Sunshinewhisperer's kits. Then a cat named Chipperdung runs up to them and steals Whisperinglove. (Chapter 10 isn't out yet.)


• Sunshinewhisperer is mistakenly called Sunshinemornignpawkitflipstar, Sunshinpau, Sunshinekit after his apprentice ceremony, Sunshinewhiper, and Sunshinewhisper.


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