Allegiances, as presented on the first page of The Sunshine Prophecies.


Leader: Shinestar: Lovely sparkle-furred pink she-cat
(APPRENTICE: Whisperingpaw
Deputy: Starseeker: Handsome green tom with a glowing star on his forehead
Medicine Cats: Leafsoul: Lovely green she-cat
Warriors: Twistedivy: Green and pink she-cat
Memoryfox: Fox colored tom with blue eyes
Maskedocean: Pretty blue she-cat with a pink mask
Gazingmirage: Small, agile, sunshine colored tom with blue patches
Celestialeclipse: Beautiful gleaming silver and gold she-cat
Apprentices: Whisperingpaw: Small pink she-cat with a quiet voice and dark red heart on her forehead
Pinkshy: Shy pink she-cat with darker pink wings
Wishpaw: Black tom with a white marking on his side that reads "wish"
Queens: Rainaura: Blue she-cat with darker blue spots, mother of Sunshinekit , Lunarkit, and Dreadedkit
Heartdazzle: Pink she-cat who can glow in the dark
Petalrhyme: Beautiful pink she-cat
Soulsunrise: Pretty sunrise colored she-cat
Elders: Pigheart: Pink tom with a curly tail
Aquasayer: Aqua she-cat
Deadkit: A small dying kit who retired early because he was dying


Leader: Starlightstar: A black tom
Deputy: Cinnamontwinkle: Cinnamon colored she-cat
Medicine Cat: Prophecyutterer: Blue tom
APPRENTICE: Dreaminterpreter
Warriors: Snakeskinfur: Brown tom
Rainbowsparkle: Rainbow she-cat with purple eyes
Violetglitter: Glitter-furred purple tom
Queens: Purringflower: Beautiful pink she-cat with a moon shaped marking on her eye
Dreambubble: Pretty rainbow she-cat with a glittery pelt
Elders: Redebony: Red and black tom
Sevenrainbow: Pretty rainbow she-cat
Rippleslumber: Ripple-furred green tabby she-cat who's always sleeping

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