The following cats are mentioned in the Allegiances of the fanfic, Warmth of the Heart.


Leader: Sunstar—gold tom with ice blue and dark blue eyes.

Deputy: Striperabbit—nice green tom with a rainbow paw.

Medicine Cat: (Unknown Name)—very old white tom who is ugly and mean and deaf and broken.


Silverfern—brown cat with a silver-and-gold eye.

Spotstripe—a spotty striped white-and-yellow tom.

Vincent Bob—a cute cat.

Birdweb—a gentle lavender she-cat who smells like lavender.

Jackalheart—mean blue tom with black eyes.

Yukonfeather—a white tom with blue eyes and a lovely ear.

Arcticwish—old tom.

Ravenjay—black-and-gray tom, descendant of Ravenpaw and Jayfeather.


Moonpaw—pretty blue she-cat.

Foxpaw (WotH)—black tom with deep brown eyes.

Herbpaw—medicine cat apprentice.

Willowpaw—willow she-cat with no fur and blue eyes which are sparkly and glittery.

Pokepaw—cool anime kawaii tom with red cap.


Snowice—ugly black cat with green eyes, mother to Coolkit and Tinykit.

Celestiadream—beautiful gold-and-white cat, mother to Lovekit.


Oldpelt—old, old, old, old tom who is mean.

Cheese—former kittypet.

Larkdash—young blind and deaf cat.

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